Pet Photography in Chelmsford, Essex

Pet Photography in Chelmsford, Essex

As a nation of pet lovers, in particular dogs, I found that pet photography is becoming more and more popular. As a little personal project, I decided to transfer my skills from weddings and people portraits to do some fine doggie portraits. In particular, I wanted to do a newborn puppy photoshoot.

In this set of images we have a lovely litter of French Bulldog puppies. This breed of dogs are very close to my heart as I have owned a couple of French Bulldogs and I simply love them to bits!

pet photography in Chelmsford

These gorgeous pups are a litter from Bertie Breeders, a Kennel Club assured breeder, located just outside of Chelmsford, Essex.

Bertie Breeders is a Kennel Club Asssured Breeders  specialising in breeding French Bulldogs. They also offer a home boarding service. For more information on their services please check out their website.

pet photography Chelmsford pet photography chelmsford

I wanted to create a set of images in the same way that I photograph newborn babies, by using wraps, fluffy fabrics and gently posing the pups.

I tell you, working with eight tiny puppies was NOT easy! They wriggled and moved so much that in the end I decided to photograph them in groups of two and three.


pet photography Chelmsford Essex


pet photography Chelmsford Essex

pet photography Chelmsford Essex

pet photography Chelmsford Essex

Perhaps my favourite image of the shoot is the one below. The gorgeous little pup was wrapped (or swaddled) and fell asleep instantly, just like a tiny human would do! I gently placed him in the tiny moses basket and placed his porcelain brothers to keep an eye on him while he sleeps.

pet photography Chelmsford Essex

Have you recently had your own fur baby and are you considering getting some professional pictures to remember this gorgeous baby phase?

Feel free to contact me to check availability and prices for your pet photoshoot.

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